Monday, August 12, 2013

Devil In My Bones

I'm on a bad trip from the salty water rushing from my eyes.
While you drink to your wife and stare and the woman who's curves fill the space that I once lived in,
I lay in my bed at night, with eyes closed reminiscing of the heaven that was once your arms.
Where the gods smiled down and everything was beautiful.

Now, with every move your knife twists around deeper into my stomach.
They told me death was nothing to fear, yet now that I no longer live,
I realize death was something to be feared.
We were angels once, but you broke my wings.

The novacaine doesn't numb me.
The alcohol doesn't help erase your memory.
Am I in love?
Was it the thing you said?
No. For it was what you didn't say.
It murdered my heart, and pureed my soul.
I hope your weighted heart flies across the earth as Zeus flings you from his hand.
Oh karma's a bitch?
So am I.

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