Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Never Mind, Here Lies Deja Vu

The reason why you don’t believe in angels is because you’ve never looked into the mirror.
The reason why you’ve never seen God before is because you’ve never felt your soul.
The reason why you’ve felt the devil’s claws in your back was because your body was eaten alive by the earth.
The reason why the demons live in your eyes is because you thrive on their inspiration.

Never before could I say,
I’ve met an angel.
I’ve seen God.
For the inadequate expressions on my face say otherwise.
But now I know it to be true.

My skin flutters in the wind where the demons rent my flesh.
I know those demons,
For they lead my soul down this path.

Your beautiful wings spread open before me,
Your eyes sparkled like the rubies that the gods set in stone before your time.
Each of your fingers are tiny diamonds that fall on my chest.
Your heart is the furnace that warms my shivering limbs.

Do you captivate all humanity this way?
Or did Mother Earth pull you out of your ashes just to bring to me this joy?
My mouth can never speak the thoughts my heart feels the need to say.

Your spell encompasses me
As rainbow fairies dance around me.
All I hear is your breath as the rushing of wind.
Here I found my ablution,
Under your beating heart lies my peaceful requiem.

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